-LG 5KG Top loader Washing Machine

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 Key Features

Colour: White/Grey

Type: Twin Tub

Capacity: 5kg

Weight: 5kg

Dimension: 75x45x90 (cms)


The LG Washing Machine 610 is a high performance washing machine that comes with impressive features to make laundry clean and fresh. It easily removes the stubborn dirt on your clothes while being gentle on the fabric. It gets to those hard-to-reach areas like the turnover of a trouser and the collar of a shirt. The LG Washing Machine 610 is semi-automatic which makes it deliver an outstanding performance on every wash. It has settings that will make it effortless to do your laundry. It is really hard to have a home that is free of rodents, that is why the LG washing machine has been designed with a rat- proof plastic base to prevent rats from causing any damage to the washing machine.

The LG Washing Machine 610 has a 4.5kg capacity which makes it possible for you to wash a huge number of clothes at a time. It also means you can comfortably wash heavy clothing like duvet, bed sheets and curtains. If you are a busy working mother, this washing machine is just perfect for you. It will help with your family’s laundry need. Your children and husband will always look clean fresh. The energy-saving washing machine has a compact design that will make it fit into your kitchen or laundry area perfectly. The perfectly designed machine has 2 sides waterfall that serves as inlet for water and an overflow filter to collect excess water. The clean lit filter ensures the water used for washing is very clean and safe for washing.

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