About Us

Likeparadise.com.ng is a fast growing online Shopping brand, known for its broad yet simplistic shopping interface, innovative presentation and delightful customer experience. We pride ourselves in providing you with an impressive array of consumer products from various categories at very competitive rates, offering you multiple shopping options and repayment solutions. Our “Buy now, pay small small”  feature which makes you have immediate value for items while you pay at  convenient installments  and “Negotiate” feature which allows pricing of select items on display, makes us stand out as the most customer-eccentric online shopping destination in Nigeria.
Our direct access to manufacturers, importers and wholesalers gives us a wide range of products at very affordable prices, which are as well open for negotiations if otherwise.
Some of our popular categories include electronics, personal gadgets, household, power products, phones & accessories and a whole lot more from top brands. To make your shopping experience a memorable one, there are added services like jara store, quick deals, loyalty cards, and hassle free delivery.